Fairy Genocide

It had been a few months after the peace delegation had disappeared without a trace deep in the Human territories south of the Forest. The war with the Human was at a standstill and both parties had decided to attempt peace negotiations. Now news of atrocities started to pour in. Whole villages gone to the Human aggressor, with an odd survivor reaching the Forest capital, telling strange stories of powerful Human warlocks possessing spells capable of striking down all Fairies around them, even stranger was that those warlocks were children.

The Serrate Leafs' General, Baron Rhubarb "Rub" Popkin, was well rested after a day and a half in the luxurious royal suite. The place was immense, fitted for Human proportions. He got up from his bed, the size of a Nutball field, and flew to the little drawers, normally used to store paper and envelopes, on top of the enormous desk where he stored his uniforms. He was far away from home, here in the Human capital, many hundreds of kilometres to the south of The Forest.

"Today we will make history and stop this bloody bloody war," thought Rub.

He met the rest of the delegation outside, all already mounted on top of their rabbits. He mounted his rabbit, Lazylegs, and they marched to a tent of gargantuan proportions where the ceremony was held, signalling the beginning of the peace talks.

The ceremony started with music, loud and obnoxious, from loud and obnoxious instruments the size of a building. There have been an accompaning dance routine.

"Flailing hills, these Humans," the General Baron thought.

After the stage cleared he was invited to go to his seat at the table. A wooden chair with fine filligries, custom made for this occassion. It was badly proportioned and uncomfortable.

"A little back ache for the safety of our people."

The Human Myriads' Master, Monsieur Tepid Pool, had finally greeted the parties and made a little speech - the horrors of the century long war, the price both Human and Fairy had spent on this standstill military engagement, the lost years and lost lives and what could have been but will never be.

It was Popkin's turn. A Human relay was assigned to him, relaying in his thunderous Human voice what Popkin had said in the regular loudness of his own voice. He talked of Fairy culture - their affinity to the woods, their cities in the treetops, their lives with the forest animals and the Gnomes of the burrows, absent from the delegation as they were still suspicious of Humans, the magic that made them a match to giant Humans.

The relay repeated his words, of Fairy magic, and a small child in the audience shouted loudly:

"Ay doon believe in magic!"

The Human child was promptly shushed, but the damage was done. Popkin and his delegation suddenly screamed, zooming through the air, scattering in all directions, and eventually slowly fell like autumn leafs to the floor. Only their rabbit mounts were left of the delegation. Lazyleg slowly hopped to his master's body, like the rest of the rabbits hopping to theirs', and gently sniffed then nudged the lifeless body of Baron Popkin.

From the stage, Tanisloff Gregorin - Top Commander of the Human military - considered the child with a wide grin and knew that the war was now far from over, but already won.

Author: Yuval Langer

Date: 2022-11-16

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