A superflat vector drawing of a ceramic throne.Kaka Farm!

I've written a bunch of functions and commands that retrieve OPML files and update Elfeed's elfeed-feeds with the feeds of those OPMLs.


The user stores a list of OPML addresses as the custom variable opml-to-elfeed-feeds-opml-list. Each OPML address optionally tagged the same way the feeds in elfeed-feeds are tagged.

The user then runs a certain command to add the list of feeds retrieved from opml-to-elfeed-feeds-opml-list to elfeed-feeds.

Except for o2e-opml-list and o2e-elfeed-feeds I haven't yet exposed any API to the user, as in package-name--foo versus package-name-foo and (interactive ...).

So what kind of functionality would you find useful for dealing with remote OPML files?

Kaka Farm by Yuval Langer is licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International