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2024-01-28 16:08Add post about Jew legs.Yuval Langer1+7-0
2024-01-28 07:23Add a post about two films.Yuval Langer1+19-0
2024-01-27 18:49Add post about converting html r7rs-small into texinfo.Yuval Langer1+16-0
2024-01-24 09:37Add weirdo, some small stuff, and new stagit location.Yuval Langer7+9-7
2024-01-19 14:04Add dabbling.Yuval Langer3+6-3
2024-01-19 13:25Merge kaka.farm repository with the dabbling repository.Yuval Langer42+4087-0
2024-01-19 13:24Ready repository for migration into kaka.farm.Yuval Langer42+0-0
2024-01-19 13:22Not even sure what is going on after all this time.Yuval Langer2+12-8
2024-01-19 08:28Add a link to the site and remove "./root" from the entr list of monitored files.Yuval Langer1+2-0
2024-01-19 06:56Add a link to my Stagit repository of guix-kakafarm-channel.Yuval Langer1+4-1
2024-01-19 06:53Remove old blog from the index.html list. Also add two posts made on commonly-forgotten.Yuval Langer5+83-83
2024-01-19 06:36Add a README file and delete unneeded stuff from commonly-forgotten.Yuval Langer27+10-627
2024-01-19 06:17Link to the repository of kaka.farm in the footer.Yuval Langer1+11-2
2024-01-19 06:16Add the entr script to the list of files monitored by entr, plus some commented code I do not want to rewrite again and again when looking for why containered Haunt fails at Unicode.Yuval Langer1+20-0
2024-01-19 06:13Move an historically useful post into the published area.Yuval Langer2+186-189
2024-01-19 05:43Merge the Commonly Forgotten repository into kaka.farm.Yuval Langer41+1053-0
2024-01-19 05:42Prepare for merging into kaka.farm repository by moving everything into the `./commonly-forgotten/` directory.Yuval Langer42+2-2
2024-01-18 06:44Remove unneeded hash tags.Yuval Langer1+0-2
2024-01-18 05:26Use a regular guix shell instead of a container to run haunt with entr - this avoids the UTF-8 mangling due to some locales problem.Yuval Langer2+14-2
2024-01-17 05:55Add a post about gemini and dadaism.Yuval Langer1+22-0
2024-01-16 06:15Add post about the original Jargon File.Yuval Langer1+13-0
2024-01-13 13:30Link to my own copy of guile-rsv Git repository.Yuval Langer1+1-1
2024-01-13 09:45Add contacts.Yuval Langer1+7-0
2024-01-13 09:34Replace colon with dot, remove vestigial line.Yuval Langer1+0-2
2024-01-13 08:23Add post about RSV passing all tests and being R7RS compliant.Yuval Langer1+18-0
2024-01-12 06:03Use serialized-artifact instead of the obsolete make-page.Yuval Langer1+1-1
2024-01-12 05:36Consolidate HTML generation and add a textual description of the logo (VERY IMPORTANT!).Yuval Langer1+22-21
2024-01-12 00:43Move disclaimer on top.Yuval Langer1+4-3
2024-01-12 00:09The speculative part is just a joke. The Fossil part is serious.Yuval Langer1+12-5
2024-01-11 23:57Fix title. Sorry Thompson!Yuval Langer1+1-1
2024-01-11 23:41Add my post about the codeberg and source hut ddos attacks.Yuval Langer1+33-0
2024-01-09 23:20Add a post about guile-rsv.Yuval Langer1+12-0
2024-01-08 07:51Add json-page-builder and use to generate `contribute.json`.Yuval Langer2+27-3
2024-01-08 04:05Fix Zipheir's site link.Yuval Langer1+2-1
2024-01-06 04:25Add Zipheir.Yuval Langer1+5-1
2024-01-05 21:14Add post about my first GNU Guix contributions.Yuval Langer1+28-0
2024-01-05 15:59Add comma.Yuval Langer1+1-1
2024-01-05 15:57Fix a link, fix some tags.Yuval Langer3+3-3
2024-01-05 00:59Add a way to keep the fancy page eerie glow while zooming instead of it going over the viewport.Yuval Langer1+1-0
2024-01-05 00:20Merge internal links into a single list.Yuval Langer1+11-9
2024-01-05 00:01Add an eerie CSS glow an e-cat CSS wizard gave me, add entr script, add site header, and add some git forge accounts.Yuval Langer4+44-23
2024-01-04 23:18Add a helpful help message to clipboard-speaker, and link to my GNU Guix channel.Yuval Langer2+29-1
2024-01-04 22:57Tone down the self-hatred, update clipboard-speaker a bit, add help message to diceware, and link GNU Guile.Yuval Langer4+49-26
2024-01-04 10:31Reformat file layout and site layout.Yuval Langer6+107-69
2024-01-04 08:43Add a Haunt callback footer and copyright footers.Yuval Langer2+150-107
2024-01-04 06:23The issue seems to be resolved, for now.Yuval Langer1+2-1
2024-01-04 06:21The issue seems to be resolved.Yuval Langer1+3-0
2024-01-03 20:45Comment out a buggy recent list of posts, also fix links in commonmark post files.Yuval Langer4+28-21
2024-01-03 18:43Fix post filename.Yuval Langer1+0-0
2024-01-03 14:34Put last five posts in reverse chronological order, and put the expression in its own let.Yuval Langer1+17-16
2024-01-03 14:20Adapt metadata from org files to markdown, remove unneeded index file, and add a print debug procedure.Yuval Langer7+24-51
2024-01-03 13:41Rename org files into markdown.Yuval Langer6+0-0
2024-01-03 13:36Merge org-roam site with haunt site.Yuval Langer7+212-1
2024-01-03 00:22Milquestoastify the Eschatons.Yuval Langer1+8-14
2024-01-02 22:06Add a doctype to the SXML trees.Yuval Langer2+111-105
2024-01-02 19:07Move stupid post to posts.Yuval Langer1+0-0
2024-01-02 19:07Rename from org file into markdown.Yuval Langer1+0-0
2024-01-02 19:06Convert org file into a markdown.Yuval Langer2+164-187
2024-01-02 18:43Move all our code into a "kakafarm" toplevel library and get rid of the ./haunt/ sub-directory.Yuval Langer7+165-165
2024-01-02 18:33Move index.html into an index.scm.Yuval Langer3+123-100
2024-01-02 04:33Link the Haunt blog from index.html.Yuval Langer1+5-2
2024-01-02 04:25Define and use a theme.Yuval Langer1+36-13
2024-01-02 01:08Eh, good enough post. Fuck you all.Yuval Langer1+69-0
2023-12-22 03:07Fix log index numbers.Yuval Langer1+4-4
2023-12-22 02:46Fix the latest posts link.Yuval Langer1+10-5
2023-12-22 01:38Add haunt stuff and a gitignore.Yuval Langer5+308-0
2023-11-23 12:58Change title. Remove header.Yuval Langer2+2-4
2023-11-23 12:55Remove table of contents and headline numbering. Change title.Yuval Langer2+19-0
2023-11-23 12:38Remove poops from numbered list items.Yuval Langer2+2-2
2023-11-08 22:30Remove Google abomination.Yuval Langer1+0-1
2023-11-05 21:05Add (3-2-1) Contact section.Yuval Langer1+5-0
2023-11-01 11:25Put Stagit in the Git repository repositories section.Yuval Langer1+5-7
2023-11-01 11:19Add Stagit.Yuval Langer1+6-0
2023-07-16 13:47Add some clipboard-speaker stuff. Remove tabs and do some niceification.Yuval Langer1+64-37
2023-07-15 13:08Add some descriptions. Add nil's blog.Yuval Langer1+8-4
2023-07-15 12:56Add nil's blog.Yuval Langer1+1-1
2023-07-15 12:42Add fellow Emacs weirdos. Add a bunch of tags.Yuval Langer5+26-0
2023-07-15 11:50Add Emacs temp files (`*~`?) to gitignore.Yuval Langer1+3-1
2023-07-15 11:49Fix a typo and remove stupid link.Yuval Langer2+8-1
2023-07-15 00:43Add /org-roam-notes/.Yuval Langer1+3-0
2023-07-14 23:37Add gitignore.Yuval Langer1+1-0
2023-07-14 21:17Apply a few editor suggestions by a friend.Yuval Langer1+3-3
2023-07-14 15:35Add what's the deal with airplane food.Yuval Langer1+22-0
2023-07-14 13:06First commit.Yuval Langer2+134-0
2023-07-07 11:45Add a note.Yuval Langer1+3-0
2023-07-07 11:42We are safe after all.Yuval Langer1+26-8
2023-07-07 11:34ChatGPT will doom us all.Yuval Langer1+95-0
2023-07-07 11:02Add the ChatGPT explaining and improving my elisp function thing.Yuval Langer1+120-0
2023-06-12 14:04Initial commitYuval Langer2+64-0
2022-04-10 17:09Fix ratio so it will grow with canvas height rather than shrink.Yuval Langer1+1-1
2022-04-10 17:01Add Spinning Shapes.Yuval Langer1+3-0
2022-04-10 16:59Add a bit of colour and some beating.Yuval Langer1+52-9
2022-04-09 19:10Separate drawing code into functions, add some comments, and separate caching of math and canvas.Yuval Langer1+52-25
2022-04-09 18:05Add CSS.Yuval Langer1+11-0
2022-04-09 18:04Buffer the function samples.Yuval Langer2+61-31
2022-04-07 22:15Now show function and position for each polygon.Yuval Langer2+112-20
2022-03-27 16:43Add a Spinning Shapes draft that looks kind of cool.Yuval Langer2+124-0
2022-03-25 17:39Add quadratic bezier curves and shades of grey to the index.Yuval Langer1+6-0
2022-03-25 17:35Prettier, maybe.Yuval Langer1+2-2
2022-03-25 17:31Add shades of grey.Yuval Langer3+119-0
2022-03-22 18:13Jump by pressing the canvas.Yuval Langer1+2-0
2022-03-21 18:12Remove console.info debugs and remove the defining white lines.Yuval Langer1+2-7
2022-03-21 16:37Add quadratic(?) Bezier curves.Yuval Langer3+180-0
2022-03-19 20:57Add reseting click event.Yuval Langer1+11-6
2022-03-19 20:54Add missing style.Yuval Langer1+11-0
2022-03-19 20:53Fix tag mismatch.Yuval Langer1+1-1
2022-03-19 20:51Add some stylesheets that set background to black and margins to zero, or so.Yuval Langer1+2-1
2022-03-19 20:48Adapt canvas to window size.Yuval Langer1+15-0
2022-03-19 20:18Make specific functions for polygons step and color step. Also put a few parameters as variables at the top.Yuval Langer1+43-20
2022-03-19 19:34Add a link to the dancing polygon screensaver from the dabbling index.Yuval Langer1+3-0
2022-03-19 18:38Add a trail.Yuval Langer1+51-19
2022-03-19 17:19Add a bit of color.Yuval Langer1+37-1
2022-03-19 16:32Add the dancing polygon screensaver. Currently monochromatic and non-trailing.Yuval Langer2+116-0
2022-03-13 14:00Add scream variation.Yuval Langer1+68-9
2022-03-11 23:26Define Audio nodes in HTML and clone those for concurrent playing. Also add a timeout for the scream.Yuval Langer2+7-5
2022-03-11 17:21Add sound samples.Yuval Langer4+26-34
2022-03-08 21:22Fix link to codeberg.Yuval Langer1+1-1
2022-03-08 21:13Switch to another main repository.Yuval Langer1+5-2
2022-03-07 20:38Add link to WTC plaza circa 2001-09-11 page.Yuval Langer1+3-0
2022-03-07 19:56Add the World Trade Center plaza circa. 2001-09-11, HTML version.Yuval Langer2+258-0
2022-03-07 15:20Add the World Trade Center plaza circa. 2001-09-11.Yuval Langer1+178-0
2022-01-29 02:18Fix list numbering.Yuval Langer1+3-3
2022-01-29 00:55Add Python/GTK GtkScale value-changed event handler stuff.Yuval Langer1+35-0
2022-01-27 07:29Replace tab with 4 spaces.Yuval Langer1+1-1
2022-01-27 07:20Use camelCase notation, like in the original tutorial.Yuval Langer1+1-1
2022-01-27 07:17Put the handler inside the handler class, like it was shown in the original tutorial.Yuval Langer1+9-5
2022-01-27 07:14Go fully global.Yuval Langer1+1-1
2022-01-27 06:37Add link to the Stackoverflow solution.Yuval Langer1+6-3
2022-01-27 06:13Remove unneeded dashes.Yuval Langer1+1-1
2022-01-27 06:13Remove unneeded dashes.Yuval Langer1+2-2
2022-01-27 06:11Put the trees in fenced code blocks.Yuval Langer1+4-0
2022-01-27 06:08Add Python + GTK + OpenCV post.Yuval Langer1+34-0
2022-01-16 21:31Clearify a little bit more.Yuval Langer1+4-2
2022-01-14 23:06Linkify the URLs to the repositories.Yuval Langer1+2-2
2022-01-14 23:04Fix README page.Yuval Langer1+2-2
2022-01-14 23:00Add about page and mark weave as insanely obsolete.Yuval Langer3+12-6
2022-01-14 00:05Add a title metadata for the static site generator system.Yuval Langer1+2-0
2022-01-14 00:04Add IRC operator stuff.Yuval Langer1+12-0
2022-01-14 00:01Add godot pixel manipilation notes and the terminal programming notes.Yuval Langer2+32-0
2022-01-08 19:36Add theme to Makefile and actually fix the slug things.Yuval Langer2+6-7
2022-01-08 19:30Rename to avoid name collision.Yuval Langer15+0-0
2022-01-08 19:27Fix format bug.Yuval Langer1+4-4
2022-01-08 19:25Add simple theme.Yuval Langer15+312-0
2022-01-08 18:58Convert from org-mode to markdown and add titles.Yuval Langer9+27-206
2022-01-08 18:45Move content to Pelican directory structure.Yuval Langer8+0-0
2022-01-08 18:12Merge branch 'yuvallanger.github.io'Yuval Langer8+103-0
2022-01-08 17:59Add Pelican configuration.Yuval Langer4+226-8
2020-08-01 10:53Add CSS file I forgot to add?Yuval Langer1+11-0
2020-07-31 17:07Change viewBox in the file as a fix. Seems like setting viewBox in javascript didn't work.Yuval Langer1+33-21
2020-07-30 13:17Add CSS and credit.Yuval Langer1+10-2
2020-07-28 19:19Add tau mandala to the main index.Yuval Langer1+3-0
2020-07-28 19:16Change img element to object element, so javascript can be run in embedded SVG.Yuval Langer1+1-1
2020-07-28 19:08Add tau mandala index file.Yuval Langer1+11-0
2020-07-28 18:51Flip it upside-down.Yuval Langer1+1-1
2020-07-28 18:39Add tau mandala SVG file.Yuval Langer1+71-0
2020-07-22 10:27Add sokoban tests file.Yuval Langer1+34-0
2020-07-12 20:20Move kakalog activation outside into its own javascript file, and deactivate it.Yuval Langer2+5-6
2020-07-12 18:27Move Sokoban web-related javascript code into its own javascript file.Yuval Langer2+59-60
2020-07-12 18:22Move Sokoban into its own directory.Yuval Langer4+1-1
2020-07-12 12:02Add self referential links.Yuval Langer1+8-0
2020-07-12 11:44Put links in a list. Add sokoban to the list.Yuval Langer1+8-1
2020-07-12 11:40Add save game, load game, and new game functions.Yuval Langer2+36-8
2020-07-06 17:02Fix number of steps restart bug.Yuval Langer1+1-0
2020-07-06 16:59Add `console.debug` function to the list of modified functions.Yuval Langer1+2-1
2020-07-06 16:51Add number of steps.Yuval Langer1+5-2
2020-07-06 16:01Add undo function.Yuval Langer1+43-9
2020-07-06 15:24Add a working restart button and not working undo button.Yuval Langer2+10-0
2020-07-06 14:45Add win state and continue button.Yuval Langer2+133-99
2020-07-06 12:07Add no console on firefox android workaround.Yuval Langer1+32-0
2020-07-03 11:01Add Sokoban CSS.Yuval Langer2+5-0
2020-07-03 09:09Walk.Yuval Langer1+24-1
2020-07-03 07:20Now *actually* adding sokoban html file.Yuval Langer1+18-0
2020-07-03 07:16Add Sokoban skeleton-ish and return sokoban object.Yuval Langer1+9-0
2020-07-03 06:37Add Sokoban javascript.Yuval Langer1+207-0
2020-06-28 18:20Add an annoying audio api page.Yuval Langer1+48-0
2020-06-28 17:36Try moving html to public instead of using it directly.Yuval Langer1+2-2
2020-06-28 17:33Try using html path for artefacts again.Yuval Langer4+1-1
2020-06-28 14:32Remove html directory leftoverYuval Langer3+0-188
2020-06-28 12:01Renaming html directory.Yuval Langer4+193-1
2020-06-28 11:47Add static site configuration and index file.Yuval Langer2+20-0
2020-06-28 11:03Actually use τ…Yuval Langer1+12-7
2020-06-28 10:40Move text to `<pre>` element and draw each point only once.Yuval Langer1+29-31
2020-06-27 17:27Add bits to the darts page.Yuval Langer1+8-27
2020-06-27 17:05Add the random dart algorithm.Yuval Langer1+99-0
2020-06-27 16:21Tau approximation algorithm display. Work in progress.Yuval Langer1+96-0
2020-06-27 16:20Update and curvey stuff.Yuval Langer7+491-172
2020-06-05 16:58Use xy flipping function.Yuval Langer1+2-2
2020-06-05 16:52Add Hilbert curve curve.Yuval Langer5+121-30
2020-06-03 12:50Add a pretty looking SVG rendering. I do not understand SVG path arcs yet.Yuval Langer2+57-4
2020-06-02 11:37Update package dependencies, add border arguments to SVG generating function.Yuval Langer3+30-16
2020-06-01 18:36Move the move command to the SVG file content template.Yuval Langer1+2-2
2020-06-01 18:09Move dragon curve code from `__init__.py`Yuval Langer3+66-62
2020-06-01 14:26Generalize and improve style of the SVG output function.Yuval Langer1+9-5
2020-06-01 13:22Fix a few bugs and output to png, svg, and stdout.Yuval Langer2+21-7
2020-06-01 12:40First commit.Yuval Langer7+1396-0
2019-06-12 20:25Publish quicksilver and wasm32 post.Yuval Langer1+189-0
2019-06-12 20:22Use ubuntu instead of alpine image, and run the make command.Yuval Langer1+4-4
2019-06-12 19:50Add `dev` branch to the pipeline, and a Makefile command for gitlab-ci.Yuval Langer2+4-0
2019-06-12 19:43Copy also to /bin/?Yuval Langer1+1-0
2019-06-12 19:34Copy cobalt executable to /usr/bin/.Yuval Langer1+2-1
2019-06-12 19:30Use alpine docker image and directly download cobalt executable.Yuval Langer1+4-2
2019-06-12 15:45Remove unneeded body topmost header and change title.Yuval Langer1+1-3
2019-06-12 15:44Remove top div html tag border shading.Yuval Langer1+1-1
2019-06-12 15:24Add Makefile.Yuval Langer1+8-0
2019-06-12 14:38Add top div tag style.Yuval Langer1+2-1
2019-06-12 13:56Add a line for `.gitignore` to chew on.Yuval Langer1+1-0
2019-06-12 13:55Remove even more all traces of Pelican… ~_~;;.Yuval Langer5+0-73
2019-06-12 13:26Remove all traces of Pelican.Yuval Langer3+0-933
2019-06-12 13:17Move out of `cobalt/` directory.Yuval Langer7+0-1
2019-06-12 13:16Remove unneeded files.Yuval Langer33+0-438
2019-06-12 13:13Move to Cobalt.Yuval Langer1+3-6
2019-06-12 12:36Add cobalt blog.Yuval Langer7+243-0
2019-01-13 16:54Add Selfies In The Anthropocene.Yuval Langer1+46-0
2018-10-20 16:21Add the tables markdown extension.Yuval Langer1+1-0
2018-10-20 16:21Move meditation logs to their own subdirectory and add more logs.Yuval Langer16+98-0
2018-06-30 11:47Add logYuval Langer1+7-0
2018-06-29 05:51Add logYuval Langer2+15-0
2018-06-26 16:43Add logYuval Langer1+8-0
2018-06-21 08:19Add log and switching to dumbphoneYuval Langer2+23-0
2018-06-20 21:51Add category "log" and move back to default themeYuval Langer25+162-151
2018-06-20 15:00Fix dateYuval Langer1+12-0
2018-06-20 00:28Switch to simple theme and add display pages and categories optionsYuval Langer1+4-0
2018-06-19 23:54UnhideYuval Langer10+1-12
2018-06-19 23:17Add logYuval Langer1+21-0
2018-06-19 10:09Fix dateYuval Langer2+3-4
2018-06-19 10:07Add logYuval Langer1+10-0
2018-06-18 21:48Add logYuval Langer1+18-0
2018-06-17 12:10Add logYuval Langer1+18-0
2018-06-17 06:53Add logYuval Langer1+10-0
2018-06-16 17:37Move `make dev` command into its own Python scriptYuval Langer2+35-17
2018-06-16 17:11Add date to title to avoid naming collisionYuval Langer2+3-4
2018-06-16 16:42Add meditation session, tags feeds, and dev tools to PipfileYuval Langer4+806-2
2018-06-16 10:46Add logYuval Langer1+8-0
2018-06-15 21:01Add metadataYuval Langer3+4-0
2018-06-15 20:58Add log filesYuval Langer7+53-2
2018-06-14 21:45Add meditation logYuval Langer1+18-0
2018-06-06 11:36Delete extraneous files after transfer to kaka.farmYuval Langer1+1-0
2018-06-06 00:37Add site name to Pelican's base configurationYuval Langer1+1-0
2018-06-06 00:31Add --archive and switch to long flags in rsync callYuval Langer1+6-1
2018-06-06 00:27Remove double titleYuval Langer2+1-5
2018-06-06 00:24Add https://kaka.farm/blog publishing command to Makefile and add draft tag to articlesYuval Langer3+10-0
2018-06-06 00:15Use exec() to load Pelican's base configurationYuval Langer3+9-7
2018-06-06 00:12Move articles from vestigial MkDocs directory layoutYuval Langer4+72-74
2018-06-06 00:07Add more ignored files to gitignoreYuval Langer1+2-0
2018-06-05 23:07Migrate static site generators - from MkDocs to PelicanYuval Langer19+177-161
2018-06-05 16:39Add `IRONY AND SINCERITY` skeleton pageYuval Langer1+24-0
2018-05-29 23:07Fix linkYuval Langer1+1-1
2018-05-29 23:06Remove cleaning dependency out of publishing and add "[WIP]"Yuval Langer3+3-3
2018-05-29 19:30Add pointsYuval Langer2+40-11
2018-05-29 17:22Add some more to gitignoreYuval Langer1+2-0
2018-05-29 17:18Fix clean functionYuval Langer1+3-3
2018-05-29 17:01Sort the table of contents and add a clean functionYuval Langer2+32-4
2018-05-29 15:59First commitYuval Langer9+160-0
2015-02-01 16:43Adding the commonly forgotten word `corruption`Yuval Langer1+1-0
2014-04-06 14:10Deleted unneeded test filesYuval Langer2+0-25
2014-01-24 14:58Drone fileYuval Langer1+3-0
2014-01-24 14:10Words on the tip of my tongueYuval Langer2+5-0
2014-01-24 14:00There's no place like README.mdYuval Langer2+4-7
2014-01-24 13:55Renaming links 'wiki' -> 'Pages'Yuval Langer1+4-4
2014-01-24 13:53Moving to /PagesYuval Langer7+1-1
2014-01-24 13:47More linksYuval Langer2+6-3
2014-01-24 13:44Moving from wikiYuval Langer6+72-0
2014-01-24 13:09testYuval Langer1+22-0
2014-01-24 12:47testing jekyllYuval Langer1+22-0
2012-12-03 10:23Initial commitYuval Langer1+3-0