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Clipboard Speaker

An accessibility tool that reads either what you mark with your mouse.

NOTICE: The Python version is obsolete. Use the GNU Guile one instead.

GNU Guile
clipboard-speaker --clipboard-type=p
clipboard-speaker -p
Or the contents of your clipboard:
GNU Guile
clipboard-speaker --clipboard-type=b
clipboard-speaker -b
Clipboard Speaker's Sourcehut repositories

GNU Guile Clipboard Speaker

A helpful help message:

$ clipboard-speaker --help
Usage: clipboard-speaker [--kill]
                         [-w 230]
                         [--clipboard-type=b/s/p (choose b or s or p)]

  --clipboard-speaker-path      Path to the clipboard-speaker settings directory.
  --clipboard-type              Type of clipboard (b, s, or p)
  --fifo-file-path          -f  Path to FIFO file.
  --kill                        Kill the espeak-ng loop process.
  --lock-file-path          -l  Path to lock file.
  --words-per-minute            Words per minute spoken.
  --words-per-minute        -w  Words per minute spoken.


The current rewrite it in GNU Guile:GNU Guile Clipboard Speaker's Sourcehut repository

Python Clipboard Speaker

The original Python code:Python Clipboard Speaker's Sourcehut repository

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