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2024-02-06 23:13Change main repository, add mirror, use some standard procedures, use case-unfolded string comparison, and do some indentation.Yuval Langer2+25-26
2024-01-11 23:04Change headers from org-mode to commonmark.Yuval Langer1+6-11
2024-01-11 23:01Change README file format from org-mode to commonmark.Yuval Langer1+0-0
2024-01-06 04:09Put clipboard-output into its own limited let expression.Yuval Langer1+13-15
2024-01-06 03:25Replace a define inside a procedure with a let.Yuval Langer1+24-29
2024-01-06 01:15Bump version for fixing shebang bug.Yuval Langer1+1-1
2024-01-06 01:10Change shebang……… again.Yuval Langer1+2-1
2024-01-06 01:06Return multiple values instead of a cons for the fifo file r+w, replace define with lets inside of procedures, and bump version number.Yuval Langer1+104-112
2023-12-30 20:54Define (clipboard-speaker) as a R7RS library. Remove the main call from the end of the script.Yuval Langer1+347-327
2023-11-29 20:46Simplify shebang and call to main procedure.Yuval Langer1+4-5
2023-11-29 12:55Change main development repository.Yuval Langer1+2-2
2023-11-27 23:01Use the maximum portability incantation. Also, remove all hall files.Yuval Langer7+2-112
2023-07-12 15:02Pipe clipboard contents into espeak-ng.Yuval Langer1+34-20
2023-07-11 21:09Fix(?) bug which treats text starting with "-" as an option.Yuval Langer1+1-0
2023-07-06 15:41Remove link and remove the author tag.Yuval Langer1+1-4
2023-07-06 15:26Rename CHANGELOG.Yuval Langer1+0-0
2023-07-06 15:23Remove symbolic link from README to Langer1+0-2
2023-06-24 11:59Fix a Gnome keybindings / shortcuts listening service killing bug.Yuval Langer1+15-14
2023-06-24 10:20Add some spacing / style and a few more comments.Yuval Langer1+44-25
2023-06-23 16:57Change the naming of the lock file from "pid file" into "lock file".Yuval Langer1+16-20
2023-06-23 16:26Improve the ability to kill the speaker process.Yuval Langer1+27-23
2023-06-22 12:55The pid file is now a lock file. I now need to change the naming, I guess.Yuval Langer1+71-23
2023-06-21 12:53Add guard to the xsel running procedure, better logic for killing the looping process, and some hall stuff.Yuval Langer3+54-61
2023-06-19 13:17Convert repository to a Guix Hall project.Yuval Langer9+235-59
2023-06-19 11:48Remove unused dependency modules.Yuval Langer1+1-9
2023-06-19 11:46Fix the hashbang calling of the main member of the clipboard-speaker Guile module.Yuval Langer1+3-2
2023-06-18 18:36Add an empty Langer1+1-0
2023-06-18 18:30Update file.Yuval Langer1+21-56
2023-06-18 18:26Add module definition in main file. I was just following Guix's orders.Yuval Langer1+2-0
2023-06-18 18:09Add kill switch.Yuval Langer1+19-0
2023-06-18 17:31Make advances on the espeak-ng loop.Yuval Langer1+16-13
2023-06-18 11:40Change behaviour on `^C`. Now it exits. Before it didn't.Yuval Langer1+5-4
2023-06-18 11:32Fix flag provided to xsel.Yuval Langer1+1-4
2023-06-18 10:57Add guile-config to the mess.Yuval Langer1+131-88
2023-04-08 12:29Add a gitignore file.Yuval Langer1+1-0
2023-03-08 08:05Remove old shell version instructions.Yuval Langer1+0-23
2023-03-08 07:50First commit.Yuval Langer3+988-0