Want your computer to speak a bit? Mark some text and let it rip.
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2022-12-17 19:59Change main repository to Source Hut.Yuval Langer2+3-2
2022-10-22 19:07Add two other mirrors on gitlab and github for the yuvallanger accounts.Yuval Langer1+2-0
2022-04-21 15:53Move git repositories list up and add the github mirror.Yuval Langer1+11-10
2022-04-21 15:41Add an entry to the changelog.Yuval Langer1+7-0
2022-04-03 19:46Print the spoken text.Yuval Langer1+2-0
2022-04-02 18:46Use context managers for the FIFO read and write file objects.Yuval Langer1+49-38
2022-01-28 00:17Add clipboard type selection command line arguments.Yuval Langer2+46-4
2021-12-12 16:25Put things in explicit if-then-else branches, not implicit branches.Yuval Langer1+5-6
2021-12-12 16:22Create clipboard-speaker directory before anything else.Yuval Langer1+2-0
2021-12-12 15:11Add a list of dependencies.Yuval Langer1+14-2
2021-12-05 17:34Add repositories.Yuval Langer1+10-0
2021-11-27 01:35Turn it a proper Python package.Yuval Langer8+160-86
2021-11-26 22:55Move to Python scripts.Yuval Langer7+105-102
2021-11-26 21:19This is both a very important commit and a very important commit message.Yuval Langer1+3-3
2021-11-26 20:28Update changelog.Yuval Langer1+6-0
2021-11-26 20:23Switch (again) to FIFO for continuous feeding of text.Yuval Langer1+21-5
2021-11-26 14:11Update changelog.Yuval Langer1+2-0
2021-11-26 14:10Remove PID file at the end and add a configuration file for words-per-minute.Yuval Langer1+22-1
2021-11-25 23:15Python shenanigans and commented out shell code. Also changelog.Yuval Langer5+46-24
2021-11-25 21:10Add the Python script and changelog.Yuval Langer3+53-3
2021-11-24 22:18More explanations.Yuval Langer1+6-0
2021-11-24 22:06One more space?Yuval Langer1+4-4
2021-11-24 22:05Maybe now the layout will be right?Yuval Langer1+4-4
2021-11-24 22:03Some explanation is due, and I am so *so* sorry.Yuval Langer1+7-0
2021-11-24 21:52Fix variable names and verbose daemonize.Yuval Langer1+4-4
2021-11-24 21:40Rename executable script files.Yuval Langer2+0-0
2021-11-24 21:38Add a sparse readme file.Yuval Langer1+5-0
2021-11-24 21:23Rename to the new name.Yuval Langer4+20-20
2021-11-24 21:22Add license.Yuval Langer1+661-0
2021-11-24 21:20First commit.Yuval Langer2+20-0