Commandline diceware, with or without dice, written in Rustlang.
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2022-11-04 12:20Bump version. Add to CHANGELOG. Update lock file.Yuval Langer3+16-12
2022-11-04 12:11Merge branch 'wordlist-clone' into 'master'Yuval Langer1+1-0
2022-11-04 11:33feat: derive Clone on Wordlist enumJan Christian Grünhage1+1-0
2022-10-20 19:17Add a Liberapay account link.Yuval Langer1+7-0
2022-10-20 18:32Move tests into their own tests directories.Yuval Langer9+280-264
2022-10-20 17:56Add tests, bump diceware_wordlists version, update lock file, and add to the CHANGELOG.Yuval Langer4+204-2
2022-10-19 12:37Bump a fairly stable looking `diceware_wordlists`, and shuffle some CHANGELOGS.Yuval Langer5+12-9
2022-10-18 15:13Update Cargo.lockYuval Langer1+2-2
2022-10-18 14:56Add some changelogs to the and a word about the wordlists crate split in the file.Yuval Langer2+11-0
2022-10-17 09:29feat: expose wordlists as an enumJan Christian Grünhage5+123-18
2022-10-13 21:08Change license of the wordlists package.Yuval Langer2+3-3
2022-10-13 14:58Specify version of the diceware_wordlists package.Yuval Langer1+1-1
2022-10-13 14:55Remove non-existing readme file value, add keyword, and properly describe package.Yuval Langer1+2-3
2022-10-13 14:48Update Cargo.lockYuval Langer1+2-2
2022-10-13 14:47Remove unneeded dependencies section.Yuval Langer1+0-3
2022-10-13 14:46"Community".Yuval Langer1+1-1
2022-10-13 14:44Move wordlists out into their own package.Yuval Langer13+159-139
2022-09-25 16:45Add copyright license notice to the main source file.Yuval Langer1+18-0
2022-09-25 16:40Update Cargo.lock file. Add Matrix room to README. Bump version.Yuval Langer3+12-8
2022-09-18 16:03Bump version. Add to CHANGELOG.Yuval Langer3+6-2
2022-09-18 15:55Check for legal die digit.Yuval Langer1+7-5
2022-09-18 15:41Add to CHANGELOG.Yuval Langer1+1-1
2022-09-18 15:38Move tests into `/src/`. Bump version.Yuval Langer4+64-72
2022-09-18 15:26Add CHANGELOG note.Yuval Langer1+4-0
2022-09-18 15:25Move everything from `/src/bin/` and `/src/` into `/src/`.Yuval Langer4+289-302
2022-09-18 15:01Add physical dice rolls flag `-r` / `--dicerolls`.Yuval Langer6+183-85
2022-09-17 13:20Add the three EFF wordlists as they appear in their Diceware guide Langer10+10613-127
2022-09-16 19:57Add a new option. Start obsoleting the literal wordlist flags.Yuval Langer4+110-30
2022-09-13 17:42Bump diceware version.Yuval Langer1+1-1
2022-09-13 17:37Add (bad?) notes to CHANGELOG.Yuval Langer1+8-0
2022-09-09 14:14Use a more general function argument type.Yuval Langer2+7-7
2022-09-09 12:18Remove vestigial naming used when we were stupidly overusing the type system.Yuval Langer1+2-2
2022-09-08 00:11Add test for MiniLock wordlist.Yuval Langer3+41-26
2022-09-07 19:30Add a note about the `--wordlist-file` commandline option.Yuval Langer1+1-0
2022-09-07 19:11Add diceware v0.3.8 changes.Yuval Langer1+9-8
2022-09-07 19:06Bump diceware version.Yuval Langer1+1-1
2022-09-07 18:58Add an option to read a newline delimited wordlist file.Yuval Langer1+33-1
2022-09-07 18:42Remove unnecessary struct definitions words of different wordlists.Yuval Langer4+51-92
2022-09-07 00:47Bump diceware version number.Yuval Langer1+1-1
2022-09-07 00:40Deduplicate build stuff and note in CHANGELOG.Yuval Langer2+45-36
2022-09-06 22:57Merge branch 'feature/macros' into 'master'Yuval Langer2+66-133
2022-09-06 08:33Implement tests using a macroValentin Brandl1+33-45
2022-09-06 08:07Remove unnecessary cloneValentin Brandl1+1-1
2022-09-06 07:58Implement generators using a macroValentin Brandl1+33-88
2022-09-05 16:45Use the `Word` trait. Bump diceware version number. Add to CHANGELOG.Yuval Langer3+7-2
2022-09-05 16:33Add note to CHANGELOG.Yuval Langer2+5-1
2022-09-05 16:29Merge branch 'fix-test-cases' into 'master'Yuval Langer1+2-2
2022-09-05 15:59Add Rustlang edition change to CHANGELOG.Yuval Langer1+1-0
2022-09-05 15:48Deduplicate printing code.Yuval Langer5+88-84
2022-09-04 12:38Fix values in test casesJan Christian Grünhage1+2-2
2022-09-03 22:09Bump Rustlang version.Yuval Langer1+1-1
2022-09-03 16:35Bump version number.Yuval Langer1+1-1
2022-09-03 16:32Fix links. Add more Wayback Machine mirror links.Yuval Langer1+11-6
2022-09-03 16:25Add Wayback Machine mirror links.Yuval Langer1+15-5
2022-09-03 16:02Upgrade to latest rand package. Bump version number.Yuval Langer2+4-4
2022-09-03 14:57Add a delimiter flag to the command. Fix clippy issues. Bump version.Yuval Langer3+57-36
2019-05-12 17:33Apply `cargo fmt`.Yuval Langer1+20-16
2019-05-12 16:12Update gitignore file.Yuval Langer1+1-0
2019-05-12 16:09Fix `use` line.Yuval Langer1+2-1
2019-05-12 16:06Bump version number and remove unneeded `Cargo.toml` line.Yuval Langer1+1-2
2019-05-12 16:05Change crate layout, from bin crate to lib crate.Yuval Langer4+87-91
2019-05-12 15:27Remove uneeded `cfg` pragma, as they hide errors, also fix those errors.Yuval Langer3+6-9
2019-05-12 14:35Update `rand` dependency version from `^0.5` to `^0.6` and replace deprecated `rand` stuff.Yuval Langer3+10-8
2019-05-12 14:09Replace misuse of the `match` expression with `let` deconstructing assignment.Yuval Langer1+6-9
2019-05-12 14:08Upgrade to 2018 edition.Yuval Langer1+1-0
2019-05-12 13:58Fix `cargo fix --edition` removal of `use` lines.Yuval Langer1+2-2
2019-05-12 13:56Run `cargo fix --edition`.Yuval Langer2+3-3
2018-10-17 10:59Remove unsafe codeYuval Langer1+1-3
2018-10-17 10:21Add metadata in Cargo fileYuval Langer1+3-1
2018-10-17 10:16Add IntelliJ configuration directory to gitignoreYuval Langer1+1-0
2018-10-17 09:35Add licenseYuval Langer1+661-0
2018-10-17 09:34Modernize trait for generating random words and update testsYuval Langer5+86-38
2015-06-16 20:27Deleting unused functionYuval Langer1+0-11
2015-06-16 20:20Oops, forgot tests.rsYuval Langer1+31-0
2015-06-16 20:14Adding a proper command line interfaceYuval Langer3+77-65
2015-06-15 20:15Sending people to gitlab and linking important thingsYuval Langer1+20-2
2015-06-14 11:31Moved the diceware logic out into diceware.rsYuval Langer2+71-72
2015-06-14 09:43Getting rid of a useless lineYuval Langer1+0-1
2015-06-13 23:31MiniLock wordlist now worksYuval Langer2+64-9
2015-06-13 12:07Adding some work in progress minilock wordlist generating codeYuval Langer1+14-0
2015-06-13 11:20Adding the miniLock wordlistYuval Langer1+43-0
2015-06-12 21:42Adding some testsYuval Langer1+50-2
2015-06-12 20:26Making the contents of the BealeWord and ReinholdWord structs privateYuval Langer1+3-3
2015-06-12 19:58Adding Cargo.lock to gitignoreYuval Langer1+1-0
2015-06-12 19:25the rand::Rand trait for BealeWord and ReinholdWord work greatYuval Langer4+7836-11
2015-06-12 14:00Adding wordlist fileYuval Langer3+73-22
2015-06-12 12:10Adding module diceware and some commented out getopts codeYuval Langer2+97-11
2015-06-11 18:23Fixing xkcd linkYuval Langer1+2-1
2015-06-11 18:21Linking rustlangYuval Langer1+2-1
2015-06-11 18:15Adding some due credit to Arnold G. ReinholdYuval Langer1+4-2
2015-06-11 18:14fixing wordlist file locationYuval Langer1+1-1
2015-06-11 17:12Moving bin files, changing title, adding xkcd pageYuval Langer3+9-3
2015-06-10 21:23Fixing mirror links?Yuval Langer1+2-2
2015-06-10 21:21Create README.mdYuval Langer1+11-0
2015-06-10 21:16First commitYuval Langer4+7817-0