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2024-06-18 16:16Add some Youtube ex-muslim apostate.Yuval Langer1+5-2
2024-06-16 16:38Update Emacs configuration.Yuval Langer2+66-27
2024-06-16 16:34Add torrentfreak news feed.Yuval Langer1+1-0
2024-06-12 22:49Add Michal Sapka's three blog feeds.Yuval Langer1+3-0
2024-06-12 18:42Add my apt install guix ~/.guix-profile/ manifest.Yuval Langer1+199-0
2024-06-09 14:11Add Ten Percent Happier, but I am -10000 happy, so how does that work?Yuval Langer1+1-0
2024-06-06 23:47Add a student teacher of Culadasa blog.Yuval Langer1+2-0
2024-06-04 00:21Add Reality's Last Stand's feed to elfeed-feeds.Yuval Langer1+1-0
2024-06-02 18:32Add beej stuff and some Lemmy and SDF tags.Yuval Langer1+3-1
2024-06-01 16:37Add the RDE Newsletter by Andrew Tropin.Yuval Langer1+1-0
2024-06-01 00:03Add the new writings Sam Harris site that is entirely not like his old site. Argh.Yuval Langer1+2-1
2024-05-29 22:43Update elfeed-feeds.Yuval Langer1+14-9
2024-05-27 16:50Add the environment variable `URL_FOR_0X0_DOT_ST` that holds alternative instances.Yuval Langer1+4-1
2024-05-27 16:48Add a few bash aliases and comment a few others.Yuval Langer1+45-41
2024-05-24 11:20Add more Craftering feeds.Yuval Langer1+4-1
2024-05-20 07:01Add New Discourses feed.Yuval Langer1+1-0
2024-05-20 06:34Consolidate functions into a single file and add my elfeed-feeds list.Yuval Langer4+163-80
2024-05-16 14:30Move functions outside the main `init.el` file.Yuval Langer2+97-93
2024-05-16 12:17Update emacs executable file.Yuval Langer1+3-2
2024-05-16 11:10Update emacs configuration.Yuval Langer2+239-217
2024-05-16 11:09Update global `~/.gitconfig`.Yuval Langer1+33-21
2024-03-30 17:03Use plain shell.Yuval Langer3+14-54
2024-03-29 20:03Add a screen brightness changing script using gdbus.Yuval Langer1+54-0
2024-02-24 20:43Add a commonly used command.Yuval Langer1+3-0
2023-12-24 17:56Start greader-mode automatically for nov.el and eww-mode.Yuval Langer1+21-11
2023-12-06 18:06Add a flag for setting the instance URL.Yuval Langer1+22-9
2023-12-06 17:46Add an environment variable for alternative instances.Yuval Langer1+28-4
2023-12-06 17:18Set a proper variable for the self argument.Yuval Langer1+7-5
2023-12-06 17:14Fix help message.Yuval Langer1+13-16
2023-12-06 17:01Add emacs init changes.Yuval Langer1+26-6
2023-12-06 16:46Add a -u / --url flag and fix some flag handling.Yuval Langer1+44-16
2023-11-25 11:41Change shell, rename cleanup function, consolidate flag stuff.Yuval Langer1+7-16
2023-11-24 19:20Swallow the GNUisms koolaid!Yuval Langer1+78-27
2023-11-11 15:45Fix help message bug. It is very dumb looking.Yuval Langer1+2-1
2023-11-11 15:02Add a pasting script.Yuval Langer1+62-0
2023-11-11 15:02Update GNU Emacs init.el.Yuval Langer1+22-29
2023-11-06 13:06Move literals into variables defined at the top of the file.Yuval Langer1+4-2
2023-11-03 06:54Update only if we get the --update flag.Yuval Langer1+4-2
2023-11-03 06:23Add some licensing stuff.Yuval Langer3+249-0
2023-11-03 06:14Add more repositories.Yuval Langer1+2-0
2023-11-03 06:11Add repository.Yuval Langer1+1-0
2023-11-03 06:05Add a script that outputs working nitter instances.Yuval Langer1+25-0
2023-11-01 13:30Add git pushall.Yuval Langer1+8-0
2023-11-01 11:13Generalise boolean gsettings toggling.Yuval Langer3+31-32
2023-11-01 02:30Add toggle night light script.Yuval Langer1+18-0
2023-10-31 15:21Add toggle do-not-disturb scripts.Yuval Langer2+55-0
2023-07-14 13:30Add mechanisms which only publish published files in org-roam.Yuval Langer1+153-78
2023-07-06 20:44Apply the right function when text-to-speech keybinding is used.Yuval Langer1+2-2
2023-07-06 19:37Add to README.html to sourcehut code. Also:Yuval Langer1+104-0
2023-07-06 15:59Rename function into a more general name.Yuval Langer1+4-2
2023-07-03 11:26Add another global keybinding for espeak.Yuval Langer1+2-0
2023-07-02 12:49Unhide files.Yuval Langer2+0-0
2023-07-02 12:43Add new GNU Emacs configuration.Yuval Langer2+206-0
2023-06-16 15:50Add some dragging to keynavrc, also some disablings and changes.Yuval Langer1+10-3
2022-03-01 07:40Add notification expiration time.Yuval Langer1+11-0
2022-01-21 22:34Add the audio output flipper script.Yuval Langer1+47-0
2021-04-16 11:22Add a central digit to a Murikanism.Yuval Langer1+2-0
2020-02-09 12:25Add clipboard to FBReader Termux script.Yuval Langer1+11-0
2018-10-02 17:58Add my-speak and my-speak-kill which are bound to Super-z and Super-xYuval Langer2+17-0
2018-10-02 17:52Change myinitYuval Langer1+37-16
2018-06-27 17:32Split long arguments and use pprint as printYuval Langer1+4-3
2018-06-27 14:09Load magitYuval Langer1+1-1
2018-06-27 13:00New .bashrcYuval Langer1+9-178
2018-06-27 12:45Remove org myinit, quote a bunch of packages and fix package-archivesYuval Langer3+8-765
2018-06-27 11:21Simplify the code and add a user agent header to the pandoc callYuval Langer1+19-48
2018-06-27 10:38Add url2pandoc2calibreYuval Langer1+58-0
2018-03-19 12:48Move some bash into root directoryYuval Langer5+58-135
2018-03-19 12:21Moving out of org-modeYuval Langer25+2099-818
2018-02-24 05:58Add requirements file for `pip install --user` packagesYuval Langer1+30-0
2018-02-08 11:16thusfarYuval Langer2+14-10
2018-01-29 12:34Falling back to use-package due to some nasty bug. Something to do with removal of :loader keyword, maybe?Yuval Langer2+121-178
2017-10-15 11:29Comment out some packagesYuval Langer1+11-11
2017-10-08 10:17Add ipy extension file for python-mode, and various other changesYuval Langer1+23-5
2017-10-08 08:27Move startup hook commands into their own bash startup scriptYuval Langer1+22-8
2017-10-08 07:13Fix tangling of ipython and haskell src blocksYuval Langer1+2-3
2017-10-06 22:44Key bindings in req-package :bind syntax and moreYuval Langer2+87-58
2017-09-25 16:00VariousYuval Langer2+18-43
2017-09-17 23:47Set WORKON_HOME only if it existsYuval Langer1+4-2
2017-09-17 12:57Add pyvenv-tracking-mode and its explanationYuval Langer1+8-0
2017-09-04 11:35Comment out org-caldav, the orgmode-calendar interoperability modeYuval Langer1+1-1
2017-08-28 13:59Bundle bindings togetherYuval Langer1+7-5
2017-08-28 13:59Truncate long lines and wrap wordsYuval Langer1+7-0
2017-08-28 13:54Add essential org-mode keybindingsYuval Langer1+4-0
2017-08-27 18:50Inherit STYLE properties in org files.Yuval Langer1+3-0
2017-08-26 19:08Separate setq for each variable.Yuval Langer1+8-7
2017-08-26 18:08Reactivate org-ref-mode. I will need that.Yuval Langer1+13-13
2017-08-26 18:07Add pxsel, pipe into all the clipboardsYuval Langer1+7-0
2017-08-26 13:49Add a bunch of keybindings and global-undo-tree-mode hopefully worksYuval Langer1+16-4
2017-08-24 20:33Update python stuffYuval Langer1+22-15
2017-08-23 17:04Add global key and answer myselfYuval Langer1+5-4
2017-08-23 12:17Comment more evil vim thingsYuval Langer1+1-1
2017-08-23 11:52Fix setv -> setq originating from Hylang habitYuval Langer1+6-6
2017-08-23 11:43Customize from init.el pyvenv-mode and tool-bar-modeYuval Langer1+2-1
2017-08-23 11:42Commenting out things the org-mode wayYuval Langer1+18-18
2017-08-23 11:35Import face settings from init.el customizationYuval Langer1+7-2
2017-08-23 11:34Add menu categoryYuval Langer1+7-0
2017-08-23 11:34Activate global undo tree modeYuval Langer1+4-0
2017-08-23 11:33Comment out circeYuval Langer1+8-5
2017-08-23 11:30Separate setq for each variable for easier searchingYuval Langer1+54-74
2017-08-23 10:50Follow suggestionsYuval Langer1+40-18
2017-08-20 08:26Move emacs configuration files into root directoryYuval Langer2+0-0
2017-08-08 13:37Put everything virtualenvwrapper and pipenv together.Yuval Langer1+3-3
2017-08-08 13:02Add multiple-cursors.el mode.Yuval Langer1+9-0
2017-08-08 11:54Add pipenv-virtualenvwrapper interoperation and emacs undo-tree mode.Yuval Langer2+11-0
2017-08-08 10:25Add python-x.Yuval Langer1+8-0
2017-08-08 06:31.Yuval Langer1+31-5
2017-08-08 06:14Comment out evil-modeYuval Langer1+1-1
2017-07-27 07:56.Yuval Langer1+24-4
2017-08-08 04:16Add general emacs tweaks, xmonad dmenu_run i18n thing, and...Yuval Langer2+31-19
2017-06-17 11:16Break many assignments per setq into single assignment per setqYuval Langer1+10-8
2017-06-17 11:16Add ditaa to org-babel-load-languagesYuval Langer1+6-2
2017-06-17 11:10Fix orgnav package loadingYuval Langer1+1-1
2017-06-17 11:10Link to relevant Emacs wiki page.Yuval Langer1+2-1
2017-06-17 10:18Add vc-fossilYuval Langer1+8-0
2017-06-10 22:57Add orgnav modeYuval Langer1+7-0
2017-06-10 21:11Add :loader :elpa to each entry and change a tiny bit of code layoutYuval Langer1+235-104
2017-06-10 16:17Add bash-completion packageYuval Langer1+4-0
2017-06-10 16:17Add better-shell packageYuval Langer1+8-0
2017-06-10 16:12Add evil-gogglesYuval Langer1+6-0
2017-06-10 16:07Add youtube-dl configuration fileYuval Langer1+11-0
2017-06-10 16:06Fix trailing newline in xpwgenYuval Langer1+18-0
2017-06-10 15:31Make git watch out for tab indentations and trailing whitespacesYuval Langer1+1-0
2017-06-10 15:29Add a git alias `hash` to output HEAD's commit hashYuval Langer1+1-0
2017-06-10 15:27Display fortune when opening an interactive shellYuval Langer1+4-0
2017-06-10 15:26Change whitespaces in code layoutYuval Langer1+9-10
2017-06-10 15:19Comment out the virtuenvwrapper-related lines in bashrcYuval Langer1+3-3
2017-04-07 17:40Add geiserYuval Langer1+4-0
2017-04-07 17:07Add racket-modeYuval Langer1+4-0
2017-04-05 13:55Comment out matrix-clientYuval Langer1+1-1
2017-04-02 17:51Add matrix-client packageYuval Langer1+7-0
2017-04-01 15:07Add arduino-modeYuval Langer1+6-0
2017-04-01 15:02Add uptimes packageYuval Langer1+6-0
2017-04-01 15:02Add circe packageYuval Langer1+14-0
2017-03-19 15:03Move things and add agenda directoriesYuval Langer2+18-38
2017-03-11 22:51Use lispy.Yuval Langer3+51-3
2017-03-11 19:27Add lisp-y things, mostly for HyLang.Yuval Langer1+16-0
2017-03-11 19:01A ton of changes. May Eris save our souls.Yuval Langer3+265-203
2017-01-29 22:10Add linking back from tangled source into org file.Yuval Langer2+38-22
2017-01-15 12:06Change org-mode tree structure.Yuval Langer1+13-14
2017-01-15 12:01Add glock to lock X. Put org into a use-package call. Stylize a bit.Yuval Langer2+31-15
2017-01-05 10:36Fix hyperparenthesis bugYuval Langer1+1-1
2017-01-03 20:42Add and add accessibility heading subtree to myinit.orgYuval Langer2+687-32
2016-12-17 16:37Add a paredit use-package and remove a RESULTSYuval Langer1+10-3
2016-12-13 21:32Load swiper-helm instead of swiperYuval Langer1+10-7
2016-12-12 20:00Make work again?Yuval Langer1+56-60
2016-12-12 14:54Rename startup fileYuval Langer2+3-60
2016-12-12 13:48Add keynavrc and python3 required.txt file.Yuval Langer2+131-0
2016-12-12 13:47Merge remote-tracking branch 'gitlab-tau/master' into devYuval Langer3+301-109
2016-12-11 16:09Copy blatantly parts out of @zamansky's @cestlaz emacs tutorial filesYuval Langer3+112-6
2016-12-09 22:10Add all sorts of Using Emacs by mzamansky advicesYuval Langer1+85-6
2016-12-06 14:46Add keynav rc fileYuval Langer1+118-0
2016-12-06 12:37Add more customizations to emacs ob-ipython, org-mode, elpyYuval Langer2+15-7
2016-12-03 11:38Remove sublimity, let package require packages through package-initialize.Yuval Langer1+2-10
2016-11-06 18:14Add requests.txt file for pip3Yuval Langer1+11-0
2016-11-06 12:42Add bin filesYuval Langer2+6-0
2016-11-06 12:40Update bash aliases and rc dotfilesYuval Langer2+40-12
2016-11-06 12:28Update emacs dotfileYuval Langer1+42-2
2016-10-10 11:34Update bash filesYuval Langer2+49-6
2016-07-02 16:42Add a readme file.Yuval Langer1+5-12
2016-07-02 16:40Delete unneeded readme file. Add mlterm.Yuval Langer4+50-9
2016-07-02 16:37Remove unused bash files. Update and fix git config file.Yuval Langer3+4-96
2016-07-02 16:26Add emacs, update neovim, update bashYuval Langer3+25-17
2016-07-02 16:18Latest xmonad.hsYuval Langer1+15-5
2016-05-29 22:16Update latest xmonad with blackjack and hookersYuval Langer1+57-28
2016-05-29 22:07Update gitconfigYuval Langer1+3-8
2016-05-29 21:53Replace with current bashrcYuval Langer1+54-103
2016-05-29 19:39Remove "dot" from all directory names. It is silly.Yuval Langer8+0-0
2016-05-29 19:37Change plugged directory and expand tabsYuval Langer2+106-106
2016-05-29 12:20Add links to mirrors and to dotfile directoriesYuval Langer1+13-1
2016-05-12 17:34Add READMEYuval Langer1+1-0
2016-05-12 17:32Merge remote-tracking branch 'git/master'Yuval Langer2+119-0
2016-05-12 17:32Merge remote-tracking branch 'bash/master'Yuval Langer4+288-0
2016-05-12 17:32Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/neovim'Yuval Langer3+120-0
2016-05-12 17:31Merge remote-tracking branch 'xmonad/master'Yuval Langer1+67-0
2016-05-12 17:02Remove dots.Yuval Langer2+0-0
2016-05-12 16:59Remove dot and move to directory.Yuval Langer1+0-0
2016-05-12 16:54Remove dot.Yuval Langer1+0-0
2016-05-12 16:43Remove dot and move to directoryYuval Langer2+0-0
2016-05-12 16:42Remove dot and move to directoryYuval Langer4+0-0
2016-04-30 12:14Add git aliasesYuval Langer1+4-0
2016-04-30 12:11Rename aliases file to its common name.Yuval Langer1+0-0
2016-01-17 01:20Replace with latest `xmonad.hs`.Yuval Langer1+36-56
2015-10-17 20:56Adding neovim dotfileYuval Langer1+106-0
2015-10-17 20:59Remove mine/backups, vim dotfiles and moving readmeYuval Langer7+0-367
2015-02-13 23:00Removing `.vimrc.before`Yuval Langer1+0-2
2015-02-13 22:33Updating symlinkYuval Langer1+2-2
2014-10-06 16:27Placing definitions outside the main functionYuval Langer1+39-16
2014-10-06 14:57Initial commitYuval Langer1+64-0
2014-08-19 19:16Bundles and tabbing rulesYuval Langer2+20-10
2014-07-06 12:458 column tabsYuval Langer1+5-0
2014-06-29 17:58Updating path (~/local/bin) and golang paths (my code's path downloaded path)Yuval Langer1+11-6
2014-06-13 16:58ghcmodYuval Langer1+1-0
2014-06-13 16:12Commenting out unused floobitsYuval Langer1+1-1
2014-06-13 16:11Adding a git ignore file for this vcsh repoYuval Langer1+14-0
2014-03-16 14:23Merge remote-tracking branch 'vcsh-git/master'Yuval Langer1+4-4
2014-03-16 14:20`branch.autosetuprebase = always`Yuval Langer1+2-0
2014-03-16 13:21AddingYuval Langer1+2-4
2014-03-07 17:10layout and adding liquidpromptYuval Langer3+82-50
2014-03-01 12:49merge.tool, mergetool.cmd, github.user, alias.df, alias.l, push.defaultYuval Langer1+9-1
2014-02-28 21:17Fixing links.rubberduckdev1+4-4
2014-02-28 21:15Maybe fixing links?rubberduckdev1+4-4
2014-02-28 21:12Fixing linksrubberduckdev1+4-4
2014-02-28 21:10Linking to the dotfiles reposrubberduckdev1+7-0
2014-02-28 20:03Adding a HOME variablerubberduckdev1+1-1
2014-02-28 19:25changing when_dir_exist_add_path into a hidden functionrubberduckdev2+6-6
2014-02-28 19:10Some .bashrc changesrubberduckdev1+8-0
2014-02-28 19:09Adding more filesrubberduckdev3+99-0
2014-02-28 18:57First commitrubberduckdev1+140-0
2014-02-28 18:38Adding hsitz/VimOrganizerrubberduckdev1+2-0
2014-02-08 12:56Adding Haskell back. XXX Just remember to install ghc-mod and hdevtoolsYuval Langer1+1-2
2014-02-06 21:06g:haddock_browser is /usr/bin/lynxYuval Langer1+2-0
2014-02-06 21:00Removing a few groups adding a few bundles and setting wrapping.Yuval Langer3+9-1
2014-01-26 21:37No PHPYuval Langer1+1-1
2014-01-26 18:51Adding some groupingsYuval Langer1+17-3
2014-01-26 18:14Adding spf13_bundle_groups and removing endless recursionYuval Langer2+1-6
2014-01-26 17:10Adding .vimrc.before.fork, a fork of .vimrc.beforeYuval Langer1+94-0
2014-01-26 10:31Moving out of home root directoryYuval Langer1+0-0
2014-01-26 10:18No need to follow files generated by spf13Yuval Langer5+0-665
2014-01-25 11:46Not sure about licensingYuval Langer1+0-661
2014-01-24 22:12Initial commitYuval Langer2+111-0
2014-01-24 21:28Fixing repo pathYuval Langer1+1-1
2014-01-24 20:11Deleting dotfilesYuval Langer7+0-241
2014-01-24 20:03No more vim freeze after the dot due to pymode ropeYuval Langer1+2-0
2014-01-24 19:33Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vim'Yuval Langer2+663-0
2014-01-24 18:27Adding local vimrc, spf13 and before spf13 rc dotfilesYuval Langer7+239-0
2014-01-24 17:55Initial commitrubberduckdev2+663-0
2013-03-16 12:57Adding .vimrcYuval Langer1+167-0