A Tk interface for Guile (A fork of (and hopefully a future merge?)
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2024-06-22 21:34fYuval Langer4+207-24
2024-06-22 09:54Remove incorrect documentation.Yuval Langer1+1-1
2024-06-22 09:52Add docstring.Yuval Langer1+1-0
2024-06-22 09:50Convert a single clause `cond` to a `when`.Yuval Langer1+4-4
2024-06-22 06:43Use `string-concatenate` instead of `apply string-append`.Yuval Langer1+3-3
2024-06-22 06:43Comment some Tcl initialisation code.Yuval Langer1+13-2
2024-06-17 21:20Add TODO about visual modernisation.Yuval Langer1+5-0
2024-06-17 02:18Comment out an artisanal procedure that already exists in Guile.Yuval Langer1+9-8
2024-06-17 02:08Fix a botched letrec named lambdas to define procedure conversion.Yuval Langer1+3-4
2024-06-16 23:51Add TODO file.Yuval Langer1+13-0
2024-06-16 22:41Move Tcl Tk initialisation code.Yuval Langer2+77-75
2024-06-16 22:37Fix `wish` - use dot notation for `arguments` which is plural, not singular.Yuval Langer1+1-1
2024-06-16 02:59Properly `#:use-module` for each used module instead of wrongly `#:use-modules` for all modules together.Yuval Langer1+2-3
2024-06-16 02:18Fix typo in a procedure name definition.Yuval Langer1+1-1
2024-06-16 01:22Use Guile procedure `string-trim`.Yuval Langer1+1-5
2024-06-16 01:15Merge the one armed `if` with the above `cond` case.Yuval Langer1+3-3
2024-06-16 00:56`run-program` returns two values instead of cons. Also:Yuval Langer1+16-19
2024-06-16 00:04Add a wee newline at the end of the big Tcl initialisation string.Yuval Langer1+2-1
2024-06-15 23:53Convert the list of Tcl code lines and their conversion code into a simple long assed list.Yuval Langer1+74-79
2024-06-15 23:14Simplify procedure `->string`.Yuval Langer1+12-8
2024-06-15 22:50Simplify, at least for me, the `improper-list->string` implementation.Yuval Langer1+43-20
2024-06-15 17:23Beautify some lists.Yuval Langer1+8-4
2024-06-15 17:22Use match instead of conds.Yuval Langer1+28-3
2024-06-15 13:21Adding comment about the identity and origin of the string-split procedure.Yuval Langer1+2-0
2024-06-15 13:02Define the names at the end and not in the middle.Yuval Langer1+108-107
2024-06-14 23:35Comment out unneeded string-split definition and use the guile one.Yuval Langer1+14-12
2024-06-14 23:20Unpack a letrec.Yuval Langer1+10-11
2024-06-14 23:19Unpack a letrec.Yuval Langer1+8-10
2024-06-14 23:05Use procedure definitions instead of named lambdas.Yuval Langer1+312-343
2024-06-14 22:48Add letrec body comments.Yuval Langer1+4-0
2024-06-14 22:47Take definitions out of the big weird letrec.Yuval Langer1+682-691
2024-06-14 22:30Some stylistic changes.Yuval Langer1+104-105
2022-03-18 19:33Updated add-to-load-path in examplesKikyTokamuro8+32-8
2022-03-18 19:10Added new example 'notebook'KikyTokamuro3+34-0
2022-03-18 17:47Added new example 'slider'KikyTokamuro3+32-0
2022-03-12 13:38Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/main'KikyTokamuro1+2-0
2022-03-12 13:36Added new example 'Canvas'KikyTokamuro3+39-0
2022-03-09 09:50Updated change logDaniil Archangelsky1+2-0
2022-03-07 19:48Fixed indention in examplesKikyTokamuro4+70-70
2022-03-07 19:45Added examples screenshots to readmeKikyTokamuro1+9-0
2022-03-07 19:42Added examples screenshotsKikyTokamuro5+0-0
2022-03-07 19:22Added tk-throw for turn Tk error to Scheme errors; Added application termination in case of error in pipe to scheme processKikyTokamuro1+88-64
2022-03-07 18:26Added new example 'Weather'KikyTokamuro1+51-0
2022-03-06 16:27Added license fileKikyTokamuro1+28-0
2022-03-05 12:37Updated readme; Rewrited on Guile module; Changed "_IONBF" to 'noneDaniil Archangelsky6+107-30
2021-12-01 18:31Added tic tac toe exampleKikyTokamuro1+117-0
2021-12-01 17:42Added readmeKikyTokamuro1+9-0
2021-12-01 16:50Added examplesKikyTokamuro3+62-0
2021-12-01 16:50Added PS/TK with modern GNU Guile changesKikyTokamuro1+855-0