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Author: Yuval Langer <yuval.langer@gmail.com>
Date:   Sat, 15 Jul 2023 16:08:29 +0300

Add some descriptions.  Add nil's blog.

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diff --git a/20230715153614-fellow_weirdos.org b/20230715153614-fellow_weirdos.org @@ -11,7 +11,11 @@ Don't know if they'll appreciate me calling them weirdos. -- https://systemcrafters.net/ -- https://github.com/summeremacs/howiuseemacs/blob/main/full-explanation-of-how-i-use-emacs.org -- https://www.acdw.net -- [[https://cuberjan.github.io/][(λ () nil)'s blog]] and [[https://raw.githack.com/CuBeRJAN/emacs-stuff/main/README.html][(λ () nil)'s guide to Emacs stuff]] +- [[https://systemcrafters.net/][David Wilson's Systemcrafters]] he does Free Software type of hacking + live and release all show notes and software free as in freedom. +- [[https://github.com/summeremacs/howiuseemacs/blob/main/full-explanation-of-how-i-use-emacs.org][Summer's explanation of her Emacs workflow]]. She's an organisation + elemental. A being of pure organisational magic. Wizards of The + Coast are going to add her in their next Monster Manual. +- [[https://www.acdw.net][Case Duckworth's digital garden]] - I would say he is worth more than + a duck. (Sorry about that. I have problem.) +- [[https://cuberjan.github.io/][(λ () nil)'s blog]] and [[https://raw.githack.com/CuBeRJAN/emacs-stuff/main/README.html][(λ () nil)'s guide to Emacs stuff]].