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diff --git a/20221116153111-fairy_genocide.org b/20221116153111-fairy_genocide.org @@ -0,0 +1,76 @@ +:PROPERTIES: +:ID: baa64561-223e-4f17-a825-c41760433116 +:END: +#+title: Fairy Genocide +#+AUTHOR: Yuval Langer +#+filetags: :publish:ideas:story:war:fairies:pixies:genocide:magic: + +It had been a few months after the peace delegation had disappeared +without a trace deep in the Human territories south of the Forest. The +war with the Human was at a standstill and both parties had decided to +attempt peace negotiations. Now news of atrocities started to pour +in. Whole villages gone to the Human aggressor, with an odd survivor +reaching the Forest capital, telling strange stories of powerful Human +warlocks possessing spells capable of striking down all Fairies around +them, even stranger was that those warlocks were children. + +-------- + +The Serrate Leafs' General, Baron Rhubarb "Rub" Popkin, was well +rested after a day and a half in the luxurious royal suite. The place +was immense, fitted for Human proportions. He got up from his bed, the +size of a Nutball field, and flew to the little drawers, normally used +to store paper and envelopes, on top of the enormous desk where he +stored his uniforms. He was far away from home, here in the Human +capital, many hundreds of kilometres to the south of The Forest. + +"Today we will make history and stop this bloody bloody war," thought +Rub. + +He met the rest of the delegation outside, all already mounted on top +of their rabbits. He mounted his rabbit, Lazylegs, and they marched to +a tent of gargantuan proportions where the ceremony was held, +signalling the beginning of the peace talks. + +The ceremony started with music, loud and obnoxious, from loud and +obnoxious instruments the size of a building. There have been an +accompaning dance routine. + +"Flailing hills, these Humans," the General Baron thought. + +After the stage cleared he was invited to go to his seat at the +table. A wooden chair with fine filligries, custom made for this +occassion. It was badly proportioned and uncomfortable. + +"A little back ache for the safety of our people." + +The Human Myriads' Master, Monsieur Tepid Pool, had finally greeted +the parties and made a little speech - the horrors of the century long +war, the price both Human and Fairy had spent on this standstill +military engagement, the lost years and lost lives and what could have +been but will never be. + +It was Popkin's turn. A Human relay was assigned to him, relaying in +his thunderous Human voice what Popkin had said in the regular +loudness of his own voice. He talked of Fairy culture - their affinity +to the woods, their cities in the treetops, their lives with the +forest animals and the Gnomes of the burrows, absent from the +delegation as they were still suspicious of Humans, the magic that +made them a match to giant Humans. + +The relay repeated his words, of Fairy magic, and a small child in the +audience shouted loudly: + +"Ay doon believe in magic!" + +The Human child was promptly shushed, but the damage was done. Popkin +and his delegation suddenly screamed, zooming through the air, +scattering in all directions, and eventually slowly fell like autumn +leafs to the floor. Only their rabbit mounts were left of the +delegation. Lazyleg slowly hopped to his master's body, like the rest +of the rabbits hopping to theirs', and gently sniffed then nudged the +lifeless body of Baron Popkin. + +From the stage, Tanisloff Gregorin - Top Commander of the Human +military - considered the child with a wide grin and knew that the war +was now far from over, but already won. diff --git a/20221122002707-eww_is_the_opposite_of_eww.org b/20221122002707-eww_is_the_opposite_of_eww.org @@ -0,0 +1,58 @@ +:PROPERTIES: +:ID: 9904fc16-7e52-4d32-ad87-21083474b4df +:END: +#+title: EWW Is Not Eww (also, info books are great) +#+date: 2022-11-21 +#+author: Yuval Langer +#+filetags: :publish:blog:clipboard_speaker: + +So I find it hard to read. Yes, some people are like that, but I have +developed a technique to aid me on my readings. (only for English, not +for my Mother Tongue Hebrew, but that's another topic.) + +It is all based on a little Python script I wrote called [[https://codeberg.org/yuvallangerontheroad/clipboard-speaker][Clipboard +Speaker]]. + +I mark a bunch of text, copy the text, and press a keybinding which +starts the script. The script then reads the contents of the clipboad, +then gives them to a text-to-speech engine that reads it. There are +some additional minor complexities, but that is the main workflow. + +Now let me expand on that. + +The three keybindings I have set are, again, define through the Gnome +configuration UI: + +- super-c - Takes the regular clipboard which is filled by usually + pressing C-c. +- super-x - Takes the weird clipboard which is normally filled just by + marking text. +- super-z - Stops the test-to-speech engine. + +Normally you would like to mark a bunch of text and press super-x, +without first pressing C-c and then super-c, but sometimes that does +not work. I do not know why, as in the case with Firefox. + +As an aside, Firefox has a Reader Mode which also has built-in +text-to-speech functionality. It is admirable and I love that Mozilla +chose to implement it, but I find it limited - one cannot control +where each batch of text to-be-read starts and where it +finishes. Usually whole paragraphs are chosen. Sometimes one wants to +sit back while the text is zoomed in, but the paragraph slides off the +viewport, so one cannot follow the text below a certain point. + +Anyway, I want to read in Firefox, so I mark a bit of text, then press +C-c (text copied to clipboard) s-c (script takes clipboard contents, +starts the TTS engine and passes the text). I mark text, C-c s-c, mark +text, C-c s-c. + +Now, if I read something in eww, I have a cursor by default and I can +comfortably move the point to the start of bit of text I want to read, +press C-<SPC>, move point to the end of the bit of text, then press +s-x. Easy. + +By the way, a fancy thing I have added to the script's functionality, +is that the text-to-speech engine keeps receiving new text in its +stdin every time I press s-x or s-c, so you can mark text, press s-x +or C-c s-c several times and each of those bits of text would be +played in order.