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diff --git a/20231123135948-comics_idea_typical_irc_channel_experience.org b/20231123135948-comics_idea_typical_irc_channel_experience.org @@ -0,0 +1,18 @@ +:PROPERTIES: +:ID: d3c774a7-8f45-431f-a075-455b94ea6972 +:END: +#+author: Yuval Langer +#+title: comics-idea-typical-irc-channel-experience +#+options: toc:nil num:nil + +* Typical offtopic IRC channel: + +0. A typical livingroom with a bunch of friends talking and whatnot. +1. Knock on the door. Everyone are looking at the door. +2. Someone opened the door. It's a guy with an origami paper hat and a + stained smudged shirt, black beneath his eyes. +4. Walks in, poops on the floor, and writes walls of text on the + walls. +5. One guy looks in disgust and another one says to the disgust guy + "Just /ignore him." +6. Underneath is a caption written, "a typical offtopic IRC channel". diff --git a/index.org b/index.org @@ -9,3 +9,4 @@ - [[id:aea15910-fa3c-4c2f-a717-fd16bb5f27de][What **is** the problem with airplane food?]] - [[id:9904fc16-7e52-4d32-ad87-21083474b4df][EWW Is Not Eww (also, info books are great)]] - [[id:e793bc72-7cef-47f6-993c-dcac26ffae4d][fellow weirdos]] +- [[id:d3c774a7-8f45-431f-a075-455b94ea6972][Comics idea: typical IRC channel experience]]