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Add what's the deal with airplane food.

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diff --git a/20230709230840-whats_the_deal_with_airplane_food.org b/20230709230840-whats_the_deal_with_airplane_food.org @@ -0,0 +1,22 @@ +:PROPERTIES: +:ID: aea15910-fa3c-4c2f-a717-fd16bb5f27de +:END: +#+title: What **is** the problem with airplane food? +#+author: Yuval Langer + +The last time I travelled by aeroplane was many years ago. I do not +remember the food served on those flights - not its texture, not its +colour, not by taste. Being anosmic, I remember it least by smell. +The only thing I can do is look up recorded accounts of those who have +stepped forward and came out publicly to talk about the problem. + +The list: + +- It tastes bad. + https://youtu.be/AsJYmf_G5d0?v=40s +- The almonds bag is too small. + https://youtu.be/AsJYmf_G5d0?v=45s +- The peanuts bag is too small. + https://youtu.be/n0E7EaRLmSI?v=45s +- It costs too much and is not gormet food. + https://youtu.be/cbjyxcfM2XI?t=37s